An Overview Of Fillings And Crowns

An Overview Of Fillings And Crowns

Fillings and crowns are integral parts of any dentist’s toolkit, and they represent the vast majority of solutions for teeth affected by cavities or trauma. Whether you have been told you need a crown or a filling, or if you’re simply interested in learning more about filling and crown techniques, this is meant to be a primer for both audiences. First and foremost, it’s important to understand that the procedures for fillings and crowns are typically classified as either preparations or applications. An example of a preparation would be having a root canal performed, so that the remaining tooth can be ready for a crown, filling or other restorative device. An example of an application would be setting a prefabricated crown onto a tooth or implant that has already been prepared by another procedure. Without preparing a site for a crown or filling, there is risk of complications, and so most fillings or crowns will have to undergo a preparation first. Secondly, there are two types of dental restorations (fillings) - direct restorations or indirect restorations:

1. Direct Restoration - by using a direct restoration, soft material is applied to the prepared tooth and then molded into place before it hardens. These restorations are typically faster.

2. Indirect Restoration - an indirect restoration involves creating a crown or restorative device outside of the mouth, typically in a lab or cleanroom environment. The size and shape will be determined by a mold taken from the patient.

Not every patient is going to have the same needs for either direct or indirect restorations, which is why it’s best to get qualified, professional dental procedure advice from a dentist or other oral health expert. Also, if you’re unsure if the crown or filling you’re considering is the best option for you, look into getting a second opinion from another dental office. You might be surprised to learn about procedures that may be offered at one location but not offered at another.


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