Aflac Dental Insurance

93% of Americans believe good dental care is important to their overall health. Dental Insurance - It’s no secret that routine dental care contributes to good medical health. Our dental insurance provides benefits for a variety of services, with no networks, deductibles, or precertification requirements.


Guaranteed‐issue is available for select products, which means no underwriting questions.


Take advantage of the freedom to choose any dentist you wish.


Coverage available for more than just a cleaning.

Aflac Dental provides benefits for periodic checkups and cleanings, x-rays, fillings, crowns, and much more. Smile. This is going to be quick, easy and painless.


How are benefits paid?

Aflac Dental does not coordinate with other insurance, and we pay a flat benefit amount. If the policyholder has assigned benefits to you by presenting their ID card and you are filing the claim, benefits will be paid directly to you. Any payment received, exceeding the amount of the bill, should be provided to the patient. To receive claims payments quickly, enroll in provider direct deposit.

What benefit amount may be payable?

Please click here to access the benefit amounts payable. You will need to enter the policy number and ADA code for the procedure / treatment received.

Accepting Aflac Dental gives you an advantage:

No network requirements. You don’t have to join a network of dentists to accept Aflac.

No precertification requirements. Give your patients the treatment they need without administrative hassles.

No coordination of benefits. Aflac pays benefits (based on the procedure) regardless of other insurance.

No deductibles. Policyholders do not have to meet deductibles before benefits are payable.

Fast claims processing. Aflac processes most insurance claims within 4 days.

What do you need from the policyholder?

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