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You’ve likely heard that dental health is an important part of overall health. But consider this ... if an employee has periodontal disease, they are twice as likely to have heart disease or a stroke.1 And there’s also research that links periodontal disease to diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and premature births.

The right dental care is a key factor to help your employees stay healthy. Just like you, we want to help employees reach better health with UniCare Dental.

UniCare Dental offer more flexibility.

With UniCare Dental, members may receive:

100% in-network coverage for diagnostic and preventive care on most dental plans -- which can be key to maintaining good long-term dental health. Flexible plan designs, many which include coverage for popular services like composite fillings and dental implants. An extra cleaning (for healthy teeth) or periodontal checkup (for healthy gums) each year for our diabetic and pregnant members, which do not count toward their yearly limit.

No waiting periods for major dental work.4

Annual maximum carryover feature that lets members carry over some unused benefit dollars from one year to the next. Access to international emergency dental care from our worldwide listing of credentialed, English-speaking dentists while traveling or working nearly anywhere in the world.

You get access to a broad dental network.

We offer a choice of networks to help match your budget while best meeting your dental plan needs. No matter which one you choose, members can see any dentist they want – with the potential for lower costs when they choose an in-network dentist. Looking for a dentist or specialist? Use UniCare’s Online Provider Directory to find a dental provider near you.

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