Careington Dental Care

Careington is an innovative and pioneering part of the dental industry, delivering discount dental plans to local, regional, state and national clients, and providing more than 15 million members with access to their networks, products and services.

Careington is a responsive, solutions-driven company motivated by the people we serve. They are an established leader structured to design, develop and deliver industry-best products and services focused on individual health and well-being and characterized by affordability, integrity, transparency, simplicity and value. Their innovative solutions connect them to their clients, members, providers and producers - now and into the future.

Simple solutions designed to help you save more With affordable access to easy-to-use, industry-best discount dental and other money-saving health, wellness and lifestyle products and services, our model is simple: Care simplified. Savings simplified. Solutions simplified.

Their Solutions From health care, lifestyle and wellness to financial assistance and travel and leisure services, you can be sure Careington has the product to complement any package or stand on its own as an attractive, affordable solution.

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