Cigna Dental Insurance

Dental insurance keeps you smiling. There are probably a lot of things you'd rather do than go to the dentist. But your teeth and gums are the gateway to good health. If you're unsure if you can afford dental coverage, you're like many American adults.1 But get ready to smile.

If you're enrolled in a Cigna Individual or Family medical insurance plan, you can add dental coverage, too. That way, you can manage all your health care needs in one place. What's more convenient than that?

If you don't have a Cigna Individual or Family medical insurance plan, you can still take advantage of Cigna's dental coverage. Cigna is pleased to offer a variety of dental preferred provider organization (PPO) plans to people of all ages who want their own separate Cigna dental plan.

With a Cigna dental plan, you'll get coverage for many services, not just routine cleanings and X-rays. Save the most when you stay in network. But, whether you choose an in-network or out-of-network dentist or specialist, you’ll still enjoy a wide range of dental coverage.

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