Are All Dental Insurance Plans Created Equal

Are All Dental Insurance Plans Created Equal

When shopping for dental insurance, most consumers aren’t crystal clear on which plans are best suited for them and their households. With as many different options as there are for plans with high premiums and low deductibles, low premiums and high deductibles, etc., it’s no surprise that people take to the internet to learn more about what coverage is available. One key to finding the best dental insurance is to know what your needs are and to map those needs as best as possible to the features and benefits of any given plan.

Example 1: Jared is a 25 year-old man with excellent oral health. He brushes and flosses daily, and he hasn’t had a cavity in over a decade. One of the reasons his dental situation is so good is because he regularly sees his dentist for scheduled maintenance and cleaning. So, for Jared, a dental insurance plan that fully covers preventative care with a low premium is probably best.

Example 2: Monica is a divorced, 36 year-old mother of two young boys, aged five and seven. Her job provides her with health insurance coverage, but there is no coverage for dental work or preventative oral care. Also, she needs coverage for her boys. So, the best plan for Monica will be a family dental plan that has specific coverage for pediatric dentistry services.

As you can see, examples one and two are vastly different. Because of the stark differences in needs that are expressed by Monica and Jared, no single dental plan will work for them both. This is why all dental insurance plans are not created equal, and without the right understanding of what coverage options are available, some may find themselves paying too much for coverage they don’t need, or not enough for insufficient coverage.

Another equally important criterion for choosing dental insurance coverage is the premium. Will the assigned monthly premium work for your budget? Are there less expensive plans that offer coverage, but with slightly higher deductibles? Weigh the options against your budget to arrive at the best choice for you.


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